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Our philosophy of ministry

We seek to minister to our community in three ways.

Our faith is based solely on the Word of God. We believe that God, the holy and eternal Creator  and Keeper of the universe, saw us in our rebellious state, and yet He loved us so much that He sent His only Son Jesus to die on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin. To receive this free gift of salvation, we must admit our guilt before Him and surrender our will to God. Once we have received God’s gift of salvation, God wants to continue His work of sanctifying us, setting us apart for His service. God wants us to have full and rich lives as we continue growing and learning about Him.​



There are several places in the Bible that tell us that those who receive God’s gift of salvation become the sons of God. What an amazing thought! It also means that those who have received salvation are brothers and sisters in Christ. When you join our assembly of believers, you become a part of the family of Calvary Baptist Church. When you hurt, we hurt. When you rejoice, we rejoice with you.

We also strive to equip our earthly families. Whether it is a husband-wife relationship, parent-child relationship, or sibling relationship, God has given us examples, good and bad, in His Word to help our families be a center of love and peace, working together to fulfill God’s desire of glorifying Him.  Our goal is to invest in others as we grow together in our relationship with God.

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Our church meets regularly for  Bible studies,  worship services, fellowship meals, and prayer, as well as other special activities.

Meeting together with fellow believers is important. It is important for encouragement and admonishment. It is important for growth and prayer. It is important for stirring others up to love and good works. It is important for unity of the believers and for sharing the gospel.

Come join us for a service. We believe you will leave refreshed and encouraged to face the week armed with the Word of God.

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